Don’t let anyone burst your bubble


Antagonism pushes lots of fellows to hold you back on whatever you want to do in your life. No matter if your intent is doomed to fail or destinated to become successful, people adore bursting your bubble. The main reason is that any action in their vision is better than no action but do not have the gut to execute one. And as long as you are brave enough to take one, they will inflict you doubt, fear, and who knows what other negative thought. They prefer to stay put and watch. They do not eat risks at breakfast, no commitment at lunch and for sure do not eat accomplishment desires at dinner. They feed themselves with apathy and frustration towards themselves and profound jealousy towards you.

But you are the one that takes risks despite everything, even if you know you might fall, even if you know will hurt and even if you know deep down inside will not bring you happiness but sweet disappointments.  Remember, YOU ARE FEELING ALIVE, embrace your weakness, your fears, your failures and LIVE THE LIFE YOU ALWAYS WANTED.

Any bruise and any scar will be a story to tell to your grandchildren one day.   Life will slap you in the face but then will kiss your wounds. Push yourself beyond your limits. Crave for more each and every day as for as much as burning, you own your life until the end.

So don’t let anyone burst your bubble!

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