Friendly reminder – take time for yourself


Sooner or later we all fall apart. We constantly live to squeeze every inch of our body and mind, pretending more and more from ourselves. Endless working hours, endless duties and obligations, lots of extra activities to kill our guilt of inadequacy to this hostile and increasingly pretentious world. And all it’s fine until one day you will literally fall into pieces. You will reach out in vain for a hand to pull you up. You will be so bitterly surprised to see there is no one. Don’t be amazed! The system screwed-up us all! We breathe the same air! We are all intoxicated by this heavy cloud of existentialist debris. So before all that happens, I highly recommend it to you to just TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Be selfish once in a while! Don’t take life for granted, don’t take seconds for granted and absolutely DON’T TAKE YOURSELF FOR GRANTED! Take out your creativity, your wild spirit, your what-the-fuck temper and do something for yourself. When you’ll come back, the world will still be here waiting for you. At least for the moment! 🙂 And you will be a better person! Or at list a more relaxed one…

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