Before you go away :), or you put your nose deeper into my blog, consider the following: we might never get to know each other, virtually or in person…

In case, while trespassing the ruthless grounds of the temptation, will accidentally lead you to devour torments, remember, I’ll be here to prevent you from false self-pity.

You can nurture yourself from harrowing pain, from lost hope, or broken dreams, but I will not allow you to embrace false self-pity. Nothing prevents us from experience empathy with ourselves, but false self-pity is nothing but a dangerous slipway towards self-destruction and self-sabotage.

Believe me, been there, done that. I become the master of false self-pity infliction. I could write a book about it and for sure will become a best-seller.

But I won’t do this, I won’t let you fall and wallow in it. You can pity yourself for as long as you want, take your time, go ahead, play your part, but I won’t stay arm-crossed watching you indulge yourself into other people’s pity.


  photo source QUOTEFANCY