You’ve done enough for now – just sit and breath


Generally, working days conjure up thoughts of work activity but definitely combined with family enjoyable moments and carefree conversations with friends in front of a drink. But this is at the moment only a fantasy, as all we have on our mind lately is the activities connected to the first part of the sentence, meaning work, work, work. I’ve been personally doing this for the last twelve years of my life. I put a stop to my private life, to my free time and to everything that would not connect me to my work for more than 15 min. That includes my sleepless nights.

I’ve been pushing myself to the limits, ignoring that our dear companion, our body, sooner or later will fall into pieces. Day by day, year by year, I’ve been asking for superhuman powers. Batman, Spiderman, and all superheroes vanished in front of my energy. I deceived myself I’ll be able to do it for as long as I wanted until I crashed. Oh, and not little by little, but all of the sudden each and every part of my body didn’t belong to me anymore.

A major power took all of my forces, slap me in the face and put me to the ground. Not to talk about my mind. A thick fog took completely posses of it. And there was nothing I could do. I was a prisoner in my own web and nobody near to tell me how to get out. Physical pain, depression, emptiness were all there, all together fighting which of them to be rougher on me. So GIVE IT A CUT! I won’t stop telling to all workaholics GIVE IT A CUT before you’ll receive one. You’ve done enough, you are doing too much each and every day, you are doing more than you can do for all around you less for yourself. Remember, the pretty world you have build will crash if you crash. Once in a while just sit and breath!